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“Our inspiration comes from real-life buildings and shapes and truly believes in the connection between real and virtual assets”

What we Offer

We are a group of italian architects, designers, and engineers. Since we are in the metaverse we want to provide a full 360 degree experience for anyone visiting our buildings. 

Architecture & Design

Start building above your lands and upload on the metaverse your products!

Architecture & Design

We realize tailor-made buildings for the metaverse, create original 3d model of your real items and develop new ones!

3D Modeling & Programming

Shape your ideas in the metaverse!

3D Modeling and Programming

We are professional and certified 3d modelers and SDK programmers, officially certified by DCL. 

MetaVerse Consulting

Make your first step into metaverse world, finding new business opportunities.

MetaVerse Consulting

We are able to introduce you into metaverse, creating your place from zero, thanks to our partners nets embracing all the needs you may have.

We are now Decentraland Certified Partners!

We have been recognized by the DAO of Decentraland among the accredited firms able to operate on their platform. This is an important recognition because it comes directly from the developers of dcl and it’s a  tangible guarantee about our high levels of reliability for our clients.

ArchiVerse Works

Find your style. A strong identity in your projects will always pay better.

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Tree of Meta

See our last installation developed for The Sandbox, representing the connection between real and digital world, recreating the ancestral connection between man and technology. 


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